9-20 March, 2024
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LIBERAL ARTSEVERY EXAM ROOMthe 2nd floor of administrative building
SCIENCEL1, L2, L3, L4, L5in front of registration office
NML1, NML2, NML3, NML4, วท2, วท3, วท604security guard desk (noticing 3 dinosours)
M307, CS201at exam room
MANAGEMENT SCIENCES ข201, ข203, ข205, ข209, ข211 the 1st floor hall under faculty meeting room
ECONOMICS EC201, EC205, EC302, EC307, EC308, EC407, EC408, EC521the 1st floor at building
NURSING 3201, 3203, 3205, 3207, 3311 the 1st floor at building 3, Faculty of Nuring
ENGINEERINGRobot, S817at exam room
A400, A401in front of A400
S102, S103, S104in front of S102
REG (between Fac. of Economics and Fac. of Law) REG201, REG202, REG203, REG301, REG302, REG303 the 1st floor at building
Natural Resources102, 3305at exam room
 Remark :1. Midterm and Final : There will be a schedule for both midterm and final examination. Allow your time to prepare the exam paper before the deadline. Your exam paper must be completed at least 10 days before the exam begins to allow time for copying.

2. Proctoring: A contract teacher is assigned to proctor your own course and other courses assigned. You will be notified with certain dates to proctor the exam. Please come to the exam room at least 30 minutes before the exam begins. Exam papers can be picked up at the 2nd floor of Administrative Building, the Faculty of Liberal Arts, or at assigned location for other buildings. Please ask for help at Academics Affairs, Tel.6710,6711, 9504

3. Exam rooms at the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Natural Resources will be informed later.